Due to the growing concern surrounding COVID-19, we are asking that all customers follow our service guidelines. 
We ask that all trash is bagged and that you are not placing out more than your normal service limits.

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Posts for September 2019

Skilled and Self-Disciplined Drivers

At least once a week, we are in your neighborhood or business district performing an essential environmental service —keeping it uncluttered and clean.  We watch out for the little children, the elderly, and the distracted.

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Not all Egg Cartons are Recyclable

Eggs are a staple in the American diet being used in cooking, Easter fun, and the all-American breakfast.

In fact, each person in the country consumes more than 270 eggs every year meaning hundreds of thousands of egg cartons will wind up in the trash, find a second use, or be recycled.

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Waste Connections of Colorado-Denver is committed to the communities we serve and operating a safe and environmentally friendly operation for our customers and employees.

Here you will find important information regarding:

  • Service Reminders
  • Proper Waste Disposal
  • Waste Connections Community Involvement


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