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Skilled and Self-Disciplined Drivers

At least once a week, we are in your neighborhood or business district performing an essential environmental service —keeping it uncluttered and clean.  We watch out for the little children, the elderly, and the distracted.

As professional Waste Connections’ drivers, our number one operating priority is safety.  The safety of customers, the pubic and employees is paramount in all that we do.  We know the solid waste industry is a dangerous one.

We drive large trucks that are equipped to collect and compact waste that’s headed for the landfill or those same trucks, once emptied, can be used to collect approved recycling materials for reuse.

To minimize fuel consumption and employee injuries, our automated side load or front-end load truck routes are scheduled using state-of-the-art route optimization software.  And, every day we encounter the real world of traffic and other obstacles where we earn patience and experience.

While driving a garbage truck can be a thankless job at times, we know it is essential for the health of the communities we live in and serve.  And, we know firsthand that it requires education, skill, and self-discipline to finish each day with everyone safe.

Regional Truck Rodeo Competition

To recognize the dedication and skill of their safe drivers across the United States and Canada, Waste Connections holds regional truck rodeo competitions each year.  In the Central Region’s truck rodeo video below, meet the two drivers who won.

  • Aaron Marks, Central Region Grand Champion – Awarded $2,000
  • Jose Ganda, Runner Up – Awarded $1,000

According to Shawn W. Mandel, VP of Safety at Waste Connections, “We win because of our people.”



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Waste Connections of Colorado-Denver is committed to the communities we serve and operating a safe and environmentally friendly operation for our customers and employees.

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