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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Holiday Schedule

Will my trash be picked up during inclement weather?

We are fortunate to live in a wonderful area that experiences the four seasons. At times, in our judgement, weather will make it unsafe to operate. If this occurs, we will attempt to service the following day, weather permitting. At times, it may be necessary to delay pick-up to your next scheduled service. If this occurs, we ask that you bag up your extra trash and we will pick-up on your next service. Up to three one-week delays in service due to weather is factored into our service price. Please check our website for current service status.  To learn more visit Inclement Weather Information.

Where should I place my residential garbage and recycling containers?

Please place them at the curb with the arrows pointing toward the street (in the alley for alley pickups). Place the containers at least 3 feet apart.

What time should garbage and recycling containers be out for pickup?

All containers should be out by 7:00 AM.

Do you recycle glass?

The only glass allowed in the recycling containers is unbroken glass beverage bottles and glass food jars.  We cannot recycle broken glass.

Do you recycle electronics?

Please do not put any electronic items in any Waste Connections’ container.

The State of Colorado publishes these guidelines for electronic waste for residents.  They also publish a list of electronic recycling locations and a map of electronic recycling locations.

How often is recycling picked up?

Subscription residential recycling is picked up every othr week. Existing residential customers can look up their recycling schedule on the Schedule page.  Commercial recycling pickup schedules are determined at the time the customer establishes an account.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. You can pay your bill online, by phone or by mail.

Do you take credit cards? Is there a fee? Which cards do you accept?

Yes. We take credit cards and there is no fee.
We only accept MasterCard and Visa at this time.

What if I have extra items to be picked up?

Please call us 24 hours in advance of your pickup day. We can schedule an extra pickup or a large item pickup for an additional charge.
There are item restrictions, including Hazardous Waste/Restricted Items.

What are your office hours?

We are open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Waste Connections of Colorado - Denver operates on Saturdays for commercial and construction/roll-off customers, but our offices are closed.

What are your holiday hours?

Residential: Current residential customers can visit the Schedule page and enter their address to view their pickup schedule to see if an upcoming holiday will impact their normal collection day.

Commercial: Please contact customer service.

What is your billing cycle?

Residential customers are billed quarterly.
Commercial customers are billed on a monthly basis.

What is the fuel and material surcharge?

The basic price our company charges covers operating costs-labor, supplies, insurance, energy, etc. The fuel surcharge is needed to pay for the vast increase in costs due to the higher cost of diesel fuel and other petroleum-based products.

How is the Fuel Surcharge (FSC) determined?

We use the FSC table for diesel fuel pricing.

How should customers dispose of Hazardous Waste materials?

Hazardous waste is not allowed in any Waste Connections of Colorado – Denver container.  To learn more, visit Colorado hazardous waste management.

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