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Newmont Mining's Special Waste

Newmont Mining, an industry leader in safety and sustainability, is one of the world’s largest gold producers with more than 95 years of history.

Waste Connections of Colorado - Denver supports the mining sector's need for the proper identification and placement of materials. Colorado ranks fourth in the U.S. in gold production behind Nevada, Alaska, and Utah.


“Waste Connections drivers do a great job.

I have a very specific place where the roll-offs go
and they have to be within an inch or so. 
The drivers work on it until they get it right.

Waste Connections is quick to respond
when I need to change out the dumpsters.
I enjoy working with them.”

Gary Budrou
Facilities Support Manager
Newmont Mining

Newmont Mining

What is Special Waste?

Any non-hazardous waste material which, because of its physical, chemical, or biological characteristics, requires special handling procedures or poses an unusual threat to the environment, equipment, and property or the public's health, welfare, and safety. 

The special waste that results from Newmont's mining is placed into a dedicated 12 yard roll-off dumpster.  Once Newmont completes the required documentation and receives the approval from the landfill, Newman gives the special waste manifest to the driver who takes the materials to the specified landfill and returns the same roll-off box right away.

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