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Simplifying Trash Solutions for Bud's Warehouse

Bud’s Warehouse is Denver’s non-profit home improvement thrift store, offering 20,000 square feet of doors, windows, cabinets and more at deep discounts. It is a mixed-use facility that reprocesses and reuses donated construction material.

“Bud’s Warehouse was looking for overall simplicity to an everyday need;
a trash company that could make our requests happen.

Waste Connections solved our struggle to get our trash ready because of how the building is laid out.

An overall collaboration between us and the company addressed
our need to be heard and also made our warehouse a better place.”

Trevor Moore, Director
Bud's Warehouse

Image of Trevor from Bud's Warehouse.

Waste Connection’s 30-yard permanent roll-off takes care of larger materials they can’t resell. Two smaller dumpsters were added that can be rolled throughout the warehouse making it easy to dispose waste from all over.

Waste Connections drivers are able to pick up the dumpsters with a fork on a lifted dock so the dumpsters never leave the warehouse. This puts less stress on the warehouse staff.  In an environmental initiative, Waste Connections Denver professionals introduced Bud’s Warehouse to a glass recycler that was able to pick up the unsellable materials for free.


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